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« Frimas time is the time of winter when everything rests in peace. When you wake up, from the window of the chalet, nothing is visible. A fog, the frost, is low, it is cold and sharp. It's only 1°C, but that's it, the fog is lifting and the whole landscape is frosty. The cloud has deposited its crystals on every branch, every twig and every thorn of the firs. The ground is a thick blanket of snow and the horizon is from another world. The forest is so quiet that you hardly dare to whisper or make the snow crunch under your feet. All nature is crystal, yet with a unique tenderness and warmth. » Chloe Marichez


The "snow" effect of the "Temps des Frimas" candle holders was developed during the process of recovering glass scraps from the workshop. Here the glass scraps which usually return to the road, are crushed in the workshop and then reinserted in the production. I was able, in complicity with Wilfried Allyn, to test the different grammages of glass scraps, their interaction with a reinsertion in manufacturing, the multiple effects and possible textures and the various applications. 


The Petit Objets collection, from which these candle holders come, is part of an ethical approach. Concerned about finding the usefulness of each little piece of glass, our craftsmen transform scraps into elegant and practical pieces. 


These candle holders will illuminate your winter evenings with the greatest sweetness. Their snowy universe will take you on a journey through enchanting landscapes.  Placed on a console, along a path, a staircase or on a coffee table, the candle holders will find their place in your home. 




Tealight holder


Material: Borosilicate glass

Each piece is unique in its composition. The snow effect is inside the rooms.

XL: H 26cm Ø 12cm

L: H 23cm Ø 12cm

M: H 20cm Ø 12cm

Craftsmanship at work:

Flame glass blowing

Large Candle Holders «  Frost Weather »

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