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Temps des Dunes
Flame Glass Blower

The Furniture-Decoration range seeks the gestures and shapes of materials to serve the lifestyle of the manufacturing country. 

The "Temps des Dunes" carafes are designed from the singularity of the skills of the flame glassblower. These exceptional carafes explore the gestures and particularities of this artistic craftsmanship as precise as it is precious. In a warm language, these pieces will dress your tables with elegance. 


Co-signed with Maxime Valéry, Sommelier of the Year 2019 for Gault&Millaut and Head Sommelier of Restaurant Paul Bocuse in Collonges-au-mont-d'or, these decanters demonstrate impeccable wine and beverage service. The hold in the hand, the flow and the movements of each type of liquid meet the unique shapes of these carafes.



Very graphic, it sets the tone for the three Dunes decanters. Adorned with blisters on the outside and inside, it gives the illusion of sand dunes on the one hand and waves on the other. This emerging Vendée landscape offers a warm and lively universe. While the top blister provides an elegant and confident grip, the other blisters are ornamental and create   this mirage of ocean movement.

Capacity 75cl. Weight ±480g.



Intended for young wines, the oxygenation carafe wants to mix the wine with the air so that it matures and exhales its flavors. The three dunes placed successively inside the carafe make the wine leap and cavort, which then encounters the air. Its wide neck allows the wine to continue to oxygenate even at rest. Finally, in a final burst, the wine meets the dunes again for a final breath before flowing carefully through the beveled neck, into one of the table's glasses. The wine is thus ready to offer all its charm to our palates.

Capacity 75cl. Weight ±440g.



Intended for aged wines, the decanter separates the wine from the sediments formed over time. Noble wines, respect for their cocoon of life is essential. These wines which have lived in their bottle for a long time are attacked by the air. In order to minimize the contact of the latter with the air, the neck of the decanter is tight, just to pass the neck of the bottle of wine. The bulge in the lower part offers an eminent presence to the whole carafe and ensures the Sommelier an impeccable hold. Finally, its beveled cut guarantees a neat flow.

Capacity 75cl. Weight ± 400g.



Its handcrafted pieces may vary slightly in size.

These parts will be carefully packaged. 




Water Carafe Ø 96 H 25 mm

Wine Carafe - OXYGENATOR Ø 112:25 a.m. mm

Wine Carafe - DECANTER Ø 100 H 26 mm

Signed & numbered pieces

Manufacture by editions. Sales by pre-orders.

Craftsmanship at work:

Flame glass blower


The colorless borosilicate glass is neutral and healthy in contact with food, it does not retain odours. Also, it is suitable for daily use and the constraints of the oven, refrigerator, freezer or dishwasher.

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