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Pièce exceptionnelle

Eloge du Temps
Flame Glass Blowing .
Lapidary-Stone Turner . Copperware

"The hourglass materializes time and invites you

to be active or voluntarily passive in your time.

Touch the sand.

Decide how much sand you want.

Watch him go.

Touch him when he falls.

Watch it settle and form a pyramid.

Finally, collect the sand to start again, or not!"  

Chloé Marichez

The theme of the play: the Praise of Time, invites us to live the three times: the past, the present and the future fully.


The cycle starts when I open the tank lid. I take the spoon and fill it with sand.

To bring it to the cone at the very top of the hourglass, it is important to be calm and attentive. The sand rolls into the cone.


I straighten the spoon, there is enough sand.


That's when everything will start. I position myself to look at the end of the cone from which the sand will come out, I pull the rod and release the future....


A regular thread of sand bounces around in the very small cup, but the pyramid is already beginning to build, it widens, again and again without respite.


Now is the time to take a step back and look at the whole cycle, the future, the present and the past. I can touch and play with my present, it is sweet and intriguing. It's strange to touch the present...


All the sand has fallen, the cup is full of sand. I carry her to the sand tank, she is almost heavy. Finally, I feed the future from my past.

This piece is the result of exceptional collaborative work.

Designed from the gestures and knowledge of craftsmen, these pieces open the door to new experiences.

The sand is in the open air, the turned stone creates spaces for interaction, the hammered metal sheets are in motion, transporting the sand, the glass makes it possible to see unique moments.

The hourglass is accompanied by a neatly hand-bound book and a film about the creation and making of the work. The book includes in its covers: the certificate of authenticity, the key to the film and a letter to write to the craftsmen.




Limited edition of 12 pieces

+ 1 prototype + 1 EA

8-piece set + sand and book

Signed & numbered pieces

Made to order
Deadlines: ± 6 months

Craftsmanship at work:

Flame glass blowing, copperware, stoning-stone turning



Belgian Blue Stone

Half red copper

Borosilicate glass

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