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PETITS Objects

Temps de l'Harmonie

The Petit Objets collection, from which these paperweights come, is part of an ethical approach. Anxious to find the usefulness of each little piece of stone, our craftsmen transform scraps into elegant and practical pieces.  


Far from cluttering you up, clipboards will help you regain the order that reigned on your desk of yesteryear. Sprinkled on the coffee table or littering the chest of drawers, the paperweight will highlight what you place it on.


Clipboards have the following shapes: Cube, Dome, Pyramid as well as Tetrahedron.



Paperweights ​

Cube W 59mm H 59mm
Pyramid L 70mm H 64mm
Dome Ø 90mm H 53mm
Tetrahedron ± L 150mm W 90mm H 90mm

Set of 3 (Cube, Pyramid, Dome) or individually

Signed & numbered pieces

Made to order
Lead time: 10 weeks

Craftsmanship at work:




Belgian Blue Stone

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