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Petits Objects

Temps de l'Abondance
Lapidary-Stone Turner

The Petit Objets collection, from which this trinket comes, is part of an ethical approach. Anxious to find the usefulness of each little piece of metal, our craftsmen transform scraps into elegant and practical pieces.

The fruit bowl, the piece to which the bowls depend, gravitates around the circle. It has no beginning or end. It is immutable, harmonious: it is at the service of perfection. When the Lapidary-Turner uses the stone to shape it with his hands, he seeks to achieve this perfection.  


The bowls, carved in the same stone as the fruit bowl, go well with the latter. Place them inside or outside, the choice is yours. When the cup is full of fruit, place the bowls on the dining table for the meal. Then, have the freedom to place only two, three or even five bowls in the cup to compose between large and small foods. Then place them on a chest of drawers or on a coffee table, and the accomplished finishes of these pieces will blend with the decoration of your living room. 



Set of 5 Bowls

1 Bowl: Ø 85mm  H 49mm

Signed & numbered pieces

Made to order
Lead time: 10 weeks

Craftsmanship at work:

Lapidary-Stone Turner



Belgian Blue Stone
Calacatta Borghini Marble

Tailor-made, hard and fine colored stone falls available at the Lapidaire-Tourneur  (Labradorite, Petrified Wood,  Orbicular diorite, Egyptian porphyry, etc.) or stones of French origin or border countries.

According to the manufactures of Fruit Bowls

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