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12 copies 

1 Artist's Proof 


Set of 7 cyanotypes: 





Perfect Hourglass Symmetry

Hourglass Experience


Handcrafted by:

Chloe Marichez


Craft Paper. 100% Hemp. Made in France. 

Ferric Ammonium Citrate (Solution A) 


Potassium Ferricyanide (Solution B) 




Sun. UV. 


22.7K Gold Gilding 



Cyanotypes are revealed by UV rays from the sun.

original work

Elaborative reflection of the Hourglass "Praise of Time"
by Chloe Marichez

Oeuvre originale de Chloé Marichez

"A Space is necessary for Time to pass. 

Otherwise it means nothing. And does not act on anything. 

These cyanotypes explore the notion of time, its need to live with space and its representation in an hourglass. 

Space, a large ring, allows each time to punctuate life. 


The past is known, I hope it will be benevolent, rich in knowledge to be valued. In the hourglass, it forms a pyramid. 

The present, the most indomitable temporality, this moment which, when it is there, has already passed. It is this fine line that we are on. This is the line that the hourglass creates. 


And the future, unknown to all, is open to opportunity. It has a funnel shape, open to the sky. 


Superimposed, these forms create an almost perfect symmetry. They speak of the time system, of its balance. 

If the past is reversed to image the container that receives it, a completely different representation emerges: a mysterious and sensory valley landscape where so many stories can be imagined. An experiment. The one who can live thanks to time. 


Finally, the association of space and time. Time is represented here in all its brilliance, by the line of the present where life is and the link between future and past. Time is golden, like the millions of grains of sand flowing through the ring of the hourglass. Time is golden for all its knowledge, its indomitable infinity and its opportunities."


Chloe Marichez

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