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The Petit Objets collection, from which this trinket comes, is part of an ethical approach. Anxious to find the usefulness of each little piece of metal, our craftsmen transform scraps into elegant and practical pieces. Hammered in this way, the metal regains shape and takes on a unique texture. The scraps, thus worked, are assembled to form a single piece. 


Far from cluttering you up, the storage compartment is the guardian of your rare items, keys, jewellery, coins. Placed on a console, a chest of drawers or a coffee table, the empty pocket finds its place in your home. 




Empty pocket​


Material: Tin

Each piece is unique in its composition.

± L 290mm  l 185mm  H 40mm

Signed & numbered pieces

Craftsmanship at work:


Vide-Pocket "Time of Lightness" n°2


2 weeks. 

For orders before December 18, delivered in 2023, a card of your room will be sent to you by post as a Christmas gift voucher.

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