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When Artisanship serves Tableware.

The Furniture-Decoration range researches the gestures and shapes of materials to serve the lifestyle of the manufacturing country. 

The Furniture-Decoration range of Collection 01, in which this piece is part, gravitates around the circle. It has neither beginning nor end. It is immutable, harmonious: it is at the service of perfection. When the Dinandier strikes the metal to shape the part of his hammer, he seeks to achieve this perfection. The finished piece is marked by each blow the artisan strikes the metal sheet. First entirely flat, the latter will be shaped and folded back to the rhythm of the blows that are brought to it. Once completed, the centerpiece reveals, through the sandstone of the hammering, the manufacturing process that it has witnessed. One of the surfaces of the centerpiece is nevertheless left flat so as not to forget its primary nature. 

If the circle is the symbol of harmony, it is also that of union. The centerpiece is placed on the table around which friends and family form a circle to share the meal. He is at the center of the table as he is at the center of the meal. The dishes are placed there one after the other, accompanying you throughout the dinner. The table is cleared but we leave the centerpiece which, by its aesthetics, will serve your gaze during the rest of the evening. 

Especially Table "Time of Conviviality"


Manufactured and hallmarked chronologically. The next part available is set n°2. Following your order, we will send you the number of your part.

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