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Delivery within 2 weeks
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CHLOÉMDPO-HD-159 retouchée.jpg
Typtique pour PG 3.jpg
Typtique pour PG 4.jpg

Tetrahedron Paperweight
"Time of Harmony"

Free tetrahedron form
330 €

Empty pocket
"Time of Lightness"


650 €

"Time of Lightness"


650 €

Available - production to order
Delivery times between 4 to 16 weeks depending on the parts
Ask for a quote

CHLOÉMDPO-HD-5 retouchée.jpg
CHLOÉMDPO-HD-75 retouchée_edited.jpg

"Praise of Time


Fruit bowl and 5 bowls
"Time of Abundance"

Belgian blue stone
€1,000 - €10,000 +

Especially Table
"Time of Conviviality"

Half-red copper or Pewter

CHLOÉMDPO-HD-153 retouchée.jpg
CHLOÉMDPO-HD-129 retouchée_edited.jpg

Geometric Clipboards
"Time of Harmony"

200 -  €1,000


Empty pocket
"Time of Lightness"

Single composition
Half-red copper or Pewter

€500 - €1,000 

Available for pre-orders
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"Time of the Dunes"


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